Sexual sins: Adeboye warns, says when a woman accuses you nobody will listen to your story


Sexual sins: Adeboye warns, says when a woman accuses you nobody will listen to your story

Apparently bothered by the recent allegation of rape leveled against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has pleaded with pastors and indeed Christians to guard themselves against falling into any form of sexual temptation which he said is capable of truncating their destinies.

Adeboye gave the warning at the July edition of the monthly Holy Ghost service, which held at the Shimawa site of the Redemption Camp in Ogun State.

The RCCG overseer who talked in a rather subdued voice while delivering his homily said he had refused to make comments on issues in the country all along because he is a man under authority.

He said since the RCCG is a member of the Christian Association of Nigeria and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria there would have been no need to make comments on state issues other than what the leaders of these bodies say. He added that whatever the leaders of these two bodies say are binding on him and the RCCG.

He however said it was important that he brought the attention of the church to certain issues. Before talking about the issues he had cautioned against the shedding of innocent blood in the country noting that the reason God is withholding judgment on Nigeria is because “our cup is not full” He recalled the time the deadly ebola disease ravaged some parts of West Africa noting that “God has not allowed disaster to happen in this country because God told me that our cup of atrocities was not yet full.”

On the issue he wanted to talk about, he said, “I want you to realize that before God there is nothing that is hidden.”

Using scriptures to back up his submission, he said, “There is nothing that is hidden that will not be brought to the open. In Mark 4v22 the Bible makes us to understand this. Sooner or later your sins will find you out. At the point of your conversion, God forgives you all your sins and wipes them out. He does not remember any of your sins again. But when you become born again you cannot continue in sin in the name of grace. If you continue in sin, your sin will find you out.”

Sexual sins: Don’t negotiate with the devil

He further urged his listeners to abstain from all appearances of evil. Adeboye’s words, “In 1Thess 5v22, the Bible encourages us to abstain from all appearances of evil. You are not to condone evil in any guise. In 2Tim 2v22 the Bible encourages us to flee youthful lust. You can resist the devil and he will flee but when it comes to sexual temptation the Bible tells us to flee. It means to run. You don’t negotiate with the devil when it comes to sexual sin. Don’t say you’re a man of God, highly anointed that you cannot fall.”

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While declaring that he is comfortable being called old school, he said, “I made up my mind long ago never to have a private female secretary. It is better to stay away from anything that will make people begin to suspect you. When a woman accuses you of something nobody will listen to your own side of the story. So it is better to stay away from anything that will make you unable to defend yourself. That is how I have been able to keep away from trouble. I was ordained in 1975 and the Lord has kept me till now. It is better to be old school and keep your integrity than to be fashionable and get your destiny truncated”

The RCCG pastor who later preached on the theme “born to be great”, said greatness is the bread of every child of God. “If God is your father there is nothing you want to do that you cannot do. If only you can believe, all things are possible. Your father has been existing before the mountains. That is why he said in Mark 11 v23 you can command mountains to move.”

Story by Gbenga Osinaike

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