“Faith and spirituality are higher forms of science way ahead of humanity”



By John Ogunlela

I guarantee this will be immensely boring to you except your curiosity is even more ravenous.

But really, issues of existence deserve to constantly intrigue us.

Don’t mind me; but while in church, my mind was suddenly occupied by science. If you read me over the years, you must have noticed that I don’t see any conflict between science and faith.

Faith or Spirituality is actually a terribly advanced science; something so advanced and so elegant that it sounds foolish to science just because science is not equipped to understand it.

Nuclear science will sound silly to your great, great granny also – and it is understandable.

So, I was thinking about fundamental particles and about Singularity as we read from Hebrew Chapter 11: In that passage, Faith is defined as the “substance” of things hoped for and “evidence” of unseen things!

That is, the invisible aspect of existence has substance and evidence.

Well, the closest science got to that are the words of Niels Bohr, (1885-1962) the most talented quantum physicist of this age who submitted that the things we consider real are all made of things that are actually unreal by our definition of reality.

This is the way science defines the scenario:

You see the room you’re in right now as a solid structure that holds back the elements and provides concealment. You think of your body as a real substance, occupying space, and possessing weight and something that can stop light and air. But in fact, everything around you including your body is vast empty spaces with electrons flying around nuclei of atoms.

The walls and your body only hold back massive molecules like elements in the air and things like water. Those are huge molecules when thinking at fundamental levels.

You will know when they fire X-rays through your body. X-ray is a type of light with extremely tiny wavelengths, wavelengths so small it can find the spaces in your flesh and go through them.

Only your bones are dense enough to stop it, and that’s why the shadow of your bones show up on the photographic plate. If even smaller wavelength gamma rays are used, even your bones will be penetrated and nothing will show up on the image printer.

The reason you can receive phone calls in your room is that the walls you think are solid are full of spaces so big the radio waves can penetrate.

But those are even big particle science. There are ultimately small particles called neutrinos flowing through everything right now as if they don’t even exist at all.

Neutrinos are flowing through the universe observing no barriers at all!

In our elementary science, we are told that things are made of atoms and those atoms themselves are made of electrons, protons, and neutrons.

But then, what are those electrons &Co made of? Scientists have traced these to what is called strings, a one-dimensional object that in turn defines bigger point-particles.

Never mind, you just need to get the idea – things are reduced to the smallest part of the really small division. In this deep end, existence itself becomes a mere mathematical expression, something that is at the bottom is not real, yet it combines and forms reality.

Notice a language we used for strings there – that they are one-dimensional. Well, that’s one thing you cannot imagine, no matter how hard you try. Virtually all the things you know have three dimensions: length, breadth, and thickness.

But strings have only one dimension. This brought me to thinking about the other one-dimensional object in the universe called a Singularity.

You will encounter Singularity first in the famous Big Bang Theory. That theory says before the Beginning, all of existence was a single, one-dimensional, infinitely small point called a Singularity. Then it exploded- and the result is the universe we have today. As a matter of fact, that explosion is still continuing (for 13.5 billion light-years now) and the universe is still expanding.

The result of the expansion of the universe is the creation of three critical factors: Space (or, distance), its mirror image, time, and the universal backbone, Gravity.

Those three were born at the explosion of the Singularity. The closest we have to the singularity today is the black hole, a region in space where there is no space and time and gravity is compressed into a monster squeezing space together so tightly that time cannot exist.

Now I see an interesting thing here, that it is a mistake to think about singularity in terms of size. To hold that it was a “tiny” structure that introduces errors into the whole idea. Singularity is a region, a type of existence that does not have space and time. In that place, everything that has ever happened is still happening and anything that will ever happen has already happened and is happening even now.

To add, all these events have, are, and will take place at the same point! It may sound like balderdash to you but scientists have no problem with that because there is a clear consensus that time is just an illusion after Einstein had demonstrated its plasticity in General Relativity.

Singularity, of which black holes are a type are regions of real existence but that differ from ours in that it is not defined in terms of distance and time. See, distance and time are like magnetism and electricity.


Faith and science, an interplay


They are the same things showing up in different manifestations. When you put an end to it at any point, a transformation no science can fathom takes place. We need a new level of instrumentation to understand that realm and those instruments must not have length, width, and thicknesses. We have come to the end of science here and at the door of faith.

Faith is doing its unbelievable business at the point where existence and nonexistence meet, where the things we consider real are actually unreal and where unreal things have a real existence because all you see do really not exist as they are just mathematical expressions.

Faith sits at this junction and trades, calling to being things that are not, nullifying real things – both in terms of substance and circumstances. That is why by faith, your circumstances are not final in a very real sense. They are just a synthesis of things that can be demolished and declared unreal. That is why in the Bible, we read about chains falling off the wrists of prisoners like wax when faith is applied and of prison doors opening on their own accord. It is fundamental powers acting upon our lower realm of distance and time.

It is the free flow of existence and non-existence exchanging positions, showing plasticity and elasticity because these are the real and basic nature of things themselves. Some of us have no problem believing these things at all as truths the very origin and ground for facts.

See Hebrews 11:3: “Through faith, we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear”.

In the end, science and faith have essentially come to the same conclusion, the only difference being faith making its own formal submission roughly 2000 years earlier than science.

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