How people get evil money unknown to them- Paul Enenche

evil money

Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Abuja, Paul Enenche has given insight into how people get evil money unknown to them.

In a video message posted on his Facebook page on June 26, monitored by Church Times  Enenche said people collect evil money when they are not faithful in their dealings.

He said, “Labourers worked for you. But because they are poor they cannot talk. You are meant to pay them maybe N5000 and you decided to pay them N3, 000. You refuse to pay as agreed and rather you say you are doing them a favour. That money that you fail to pay that is still with you is evil.”

He explained further that any proceed of fraud and corruption is evil money. “Bribe collected, kickbacks are evil money. You work in civil service and staff went abroad and because you have right over their allowance you cut it. That money with you is evil.”

Enenche pointed out that purchasing and supply officer who agrees with contractors to deal with the organization and write a fake receipt for a job done for the company so that they can inflate the cost of the contract is collecting evil money.

According to him anytime a man fraudulently takes any money that does not belong to him, that person is having evil money in his custody.

Evil money and its tragic consequence

In the message titled, “tragedy of evil money”  Enenche warned believers to stay away from such money if they want to prosper in life. He particularly warned against proceeds of frauds and corruption saying any attempt to inflate the cost of a particular job so they can collect proceeds from such money is evil money.”

The message which is an excerpt from a message he gave in 2017 seems timely as many commentators expressed great delight for the reposting of the message.

He said in the full message that “evil money is a proceed of iniquity or iniquitous deals. For instance, if someone makes money from prostitution, that money is evil. Alcohol sale and tobacco and such products that lead people to destruction. Money from running a night club because the Bible says woe to him that gives his neighbour drinks and make him drunk. So when a person is making money out of destroying people’s life such money is evil.”

Also, he explained that “proceeds of wickedness, kidnapping, ritual killings and hired killing is evil money. Making money out of people’s tears. The proceeds of stealing and cheating.”

Quoting Jeremiah 22v13, Lev. 19v13 he says any money collected through cheating is evil money. You were overpaid and you did not return the excess, it is evil money. You and somebody are involved in a legitimate deal and you fail to share the agreed amount, it is evil money.

“Lecturers forcing students to buy handouts they don’t need and if they don’t buy the student fails Money from such handout is evil. Adjusting the meter of the filling station to make more money is evil money. You are asked to buy a speaker for the church and you connive with the seller to inflate the cost, you are holding evil money. The proceeds of rituals or blood sacrifice is evil money.”

He warned that what “God does not give we don’t need” stressing that Christians must run away from any kind of money that will not bring glory to God.

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