Abel Damina’s shocking confession, says “I was lost in prosperity gospel”

Abel Damina: How Andrew Wommack’s books transformed him

What Bishop Okonkwo told him


Abel Damina Prosperity
Abel Damina


Senior Pastor of Akwa Ibom based Power City International Ministry, Dr. Abel Damina has gone down memory lane recalling how his romance with prosperity message almost cost him his faith and relationship with God.


Damina made the revelation in a message which is currently trending on the social media.


He told his church members that he was so carried away with the preaching of prosperity that life became meaningless to him after some time.


He said, “in this town I was the Baba of prosperity message. I preached prosperity to the point that I was lost in it. I was so carried away in the preaching of prosperity that I could collect money even from the devil. I preached deliverance to the point that I conducted deliverance from street to street, junction to junction in this city.”


Damina however said it got to a point in his ministry that life became meaningless. “I thought my time on earth was up. In fact I told God my time was up. I began to reason to myself, is this how ministry is, just to raise money and preach how to make it. I preached all kinds of sermons that I knew were not practicable. I preached how to make it, pillars of prosperity. I knew some of the scriptures I was quoting were not well interpreted. I knew something was wrong somewhere. I did not know for instance that the scripture give and it shall be given to you pressed down shaken together has nothing to do with money. I was actually fed up” he said.


The Bible teacher (Abel Damina) said further that his disillusionment led him to travel out of the country with his wife. “I thought I needed to do a retreat and get myself refreshed. So my wife and I travelled out. I took out two weeks to go and pray. But nothing happened. In the course of going to pray I stumbled on a bookshop and saw Andrew Wommack’s books. I bought all his books because I have heard so much about Andrew Wommack. I knew he commanded global respect but I never read his books and I did not have the patience to listen to his message.”


Though Abel Damina bought Wommack’s books he did not read them. He said further, “I came back from the trip and felt emptier. I preached and still felt a void. I knew I was lost. I had money, cars and all the good things of life but I was lost. I then travelled to Dubai again. In the plane I was not feeling sleepy so I took one of the books and read just eight pages and my eyes became open, the veil fell off. I began to find joy and fulfilment in Christ. I discovered that Christ is the missing link in my life. I came back and began to preach grace. I preached grace for 30 days. I preached the revelation of Jesus. I became fulfilled. I have found him.”


Abel Damina who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Kingdom Network Television said he has since turned a new leaf noting that the message of Jesus should be the hallmark of the message of any preacher. He told the congregation that Bishop Mike Okonkwo of The Redeemed Evangelical Ministry has since caught the bug too disclosing that Okonkwo had kept wondering why it took him so long to discover the gospel. “Bishop Okonkwo told me, why did it take me so long to discover the gospel. I have been preaching for over 40 years why did it take me so long to discover the gospel at over 70. He said now I know I am saved. Now I am no more afraid. When I was preaching those things I was not sure of making heaven. I have found Christ.”

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