*TEXT:* 12 Cor.8:1-3

When you love God your choice cannot be wrong.

David did not love God as Solomon his son loved God. That is why God came to Solomon in his room by revelation and asked him to request for whatever he wanted, and he asked aright. He didn’t ask or choose wrongly all because he loved God. it is required that we should love God from the depth of our hearts. It is in this vein that we are examining some viruses that needed to be deleted in our lives for us to enjoy the fullness of God in our relation with both God and man


(1)Delete the virus of finding someone who is good as your mother or father.

(2)Delete the virus of loving your mother or father more than your spouse. Gen.2:24.

(3)Delete the virus of looking for a perfect man or woman on Earth.

(4)Delete the virus of loving your future spouse more than God.

(5)Delete the virus of thinking that God does not know what you need. Matt.6:32.

(6)Delete the virus of not understanding your vision or dream before marriage.

(7)Delete the virus of putting your marital or love issues on the platform of faith or assumption.


★Marriage calls for prayer and watching…

★Don’t see marriage as a fulfillment or pleasure but a ministry…

★Marriage is a film reality not a Nollywood film…

(8)Delete the virus of marrying out of pity, pretense and empathy.

(9)Delete the virus of marrying someone quickly in order to cover up, just because someone has jilted you.

★Lack of self-control even when your so called boyfriend or girlfriend jilted you is a sign of deep sexual and emotional immaturity.

★Develop your thinking faculty if you desire to have peaceful and mature relationship.

★Learn to be matured in your emotion, boldness, confidence and confronting challenges.

(11)Delete the virus of having in mind of bringing either of your parents to be living with you.

(12)Delete the virus of living together with your wife under your father’s roof while he was still alive or your in-law’s house.

(13)Delete the virus of taking any of your younger ones or any of your in-laws to be living with you at early stage (1st 5yrs) of your marriage.

(14)Delete the virus of waiting for a prophet to prophesy your wife/husband to you, for he’s not going to stay with you.

(15)Delete the virus of having in mind to impregnate your future partner before your wedding day, if you’re a genuine Christian it’s not going to work.

(16)Delete the virus of taking God out of relationship/marriage.

(17)Delete the virus of not negotiating your vision, dream and career together with your fiance/fiancée before marriage.

(18)Delete the virus of searching for a man/woman that will satisfy your selfish need/interest; it will later back fire.

(19)Delete the virus of envying your friends in relationship because destiny differs.

(20)Delete the virus of the mindset of receiving without giving; it’s a game of give and take.

(21)Delete the virus of not knowing the weaknesses and the ailments of your future partner before going into marriage.

(22)Delete the virus of not minding to know the genotype and the blood group of your future partner.

(23)Delete the virus of reminding your partner h/her past relationship pains and regrets, h/she is not the same person.

(24)Delete the virus of transferring aggression of your past relationship to your new lover (Husband & Wife).


*These are some of the reasons why we are having a multiple divorce rate in our society today, avoid these viruses so that you won’t contact them and pay so direly for it at the end!*


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