Adeboye stirs controversy …. says “it will come to a time that nothing tangible ’ll be done in Nigeria without RCCG’s input”

Adeboye stirs controversy

…. says “it will come to a time that nothing tangible ’ll be done in Nigeria without RCCG’s input”

Pastor Adeboye making prophetic declaration



The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has prophesied that it would come to a time in the country that the Church will be at the centre of every critical decision adding that it will also come to pass that nobody will amount to anything without the input of the RCCG.


Adeboye made the declaration on Saturday August 3 while addressing pastors of the church at the ongoing solemn assembly organized by the church holding at the Redemption Camp.


The solemn assembly is a three-day event that usually precede the annual convention of the church. Ministers and pastors of the church are participants alongside those that have been slated for ordination as deacons and pastors


This year’s solemn assembly was however almost hampered by the news of pastors of the church kidnapped. Adeboye had on Friday night clarified that only one pastor of the church was kidnapped. But police report indicated five including a lady who is a deaconess of the RCCG.


The Ogun State Police Command however announced that it had successfully rescued the abducted people on Saturday.


The kidnap saga notwithstanding, the solemn assembly has continued without itch as Adeboye shared the story of the giant strides of the church.


Corroborating his declaration on the strategic placement of the RCCG, he told the ministers that God used him to bring Abuja-based Pastor Paul Enenche of the Dunamis Ministry to Jesus in 1978.


He expressed joy that the young man he led to Christ in 1978 is doing exploit for the Lord in the country and across the globe.


Adeboye recalled that his earlier prophesy that no major decision will be taken in the country without the input of the RCCG had already come to pass adding that it would come to a time in the country that nobody will amount to anything in Nigeria without the input of the RCCG.


The RCCG General Overseer whose sermon on Saturday August 3 centred on Jonah in the Bible took the pain to analyse different types of sleep.


The types of sleep according to him are slumber, deep sleep and sleep of death. He noted that Christians who are asleep in the metaphoric sense of the word put themselves at risk.


Recalling the story of Elijah he said. “Elijah was lucky that it was not Jezebel’s killer squad that first reached him before the angel of the Lord came to wake him from his sleep and asked him to eat. Saul while in pursuit after David slept so deep that he didn’t know when David came to seize his arrow and cut part of the helm of his cloth.


On Jonah he said, “Jonah was asleep even while unbeliever co-travelers were praying to their god during the storm. They had to wake him up and charged him to start praying to his God too. Someone asleep might hear sound, smell smoke but with eyes are closed, which symbolises lack of vision. There is grave danger in believers who let off their guard and who live carelessly.”


Reported by Debo Akinyemi

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