Prayers for Nigeria as the country clocks 60 by Gbemiga Olakunle

The Vice- President, His Excellency Prof. Yemi Osibajo during the Thanksgiving Service for the Nation held at the National Christian Centre, Abuja on Sunday 27th September 2020 emphasised the need for GOD to raise the Nehemiah’s of our time whom GOD can use to mend/ repair the visible cracks in the walls of this country.

prayersNow that the same Prayer point is being echoed from the Seat of Power itself, we can join our voices to pray for the soon manifestations of the Nehemiah’s, the Ezras and the Daniels of our time whom GOD will use as our Deliverers in this Nation.

As a matter that requires urgent attention, let us pray towards the Rallies that are being planned to hold in some parts of the South. East and the South West, among other locations on October 1st that such rallies will be peaceful and our Security Agents who are also Nigerian citizens will not overreact to any peaceful procession in JESUS Name.

Let’s pray that no innocent blood under whatever guise will be shed on October 1st when this Nation turns 60 in JESUS Name.

Let’s pray for a peaceful and non- violent Restructuring of the country in a way that the component sections can develop at their own paces that will promote a Complimentary Union / peaceful coexistence and mutual respect for each other.

The times we live in call for sincere prayers for our nation. And as such our  Prayers must be devoid of playing religious, ethnicity and political affiliations’ cards just to preserve certain vested or primordial interests.

The amount of innocent blood crying for vengeance over this nation is rising daily. And so prayerfully, let us put an end to unnecessary shedding of blood either deliberately by the armed criminals or mistakenly by some Security Agents in the course of their duties in maintaining Law & Order during these Rallies/ Protests that are meant to be peaceful in nature.

With the above prayer guidelines, if we are in agreement and we can sincerely pray over them, we can look forward to a peaceful Nigeria at 60 with hope for better days to come in JESUS Name.

For clarity purposes and for the avoidance of doubt, a violent break-up of this country is NOT in anybody’s interests.

Therefore, let us pray for our political leaders to listen to the voice of reason and wisdom to enable them to muster the necessary political will and restructure this Nation peacefully in line with the yearnings and aspirations of its component parts.

In other words, if this Nation is called the Federal Republic of Nigeria, then it should practice True Federalism. By so doing, we shall be joining our prayers with the needed actions for our prayers for this Nation to be effective.

And so by faith, we are wishing this Great Nation of ours, Happy and peaceful celebrations at 60 in JESUS Name.

‘Gbemiga OLAKUNLE,  JP is the General Secretary of National Prayer Movement

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