Hate speech bill can’t stop me from speaking the truth- Bishop Oyedepo

Hate speech bill can’t stop me from speaking the truth_ Bishop Oyedepo

By Adekunle Adewunmi


Founder and General Overseer of Living Faith Church Worldwide, also known as Winners’ Chapel has described the proposed hate speech bill as a mirage, stating that no government legislation can deter him from speaking the truth as being led.

Oyedepo made the assertion at the opening service of Shiloh 2019 which held at Faith Tabernacle, Ota Ogun State, Nigeria on Tuesday December 3, 2019.

His word, “anyone supporting the wickedness of the wicked is a wicked man. And a wicked man is an enemy of righteousness.”

He then prophesied an end to the bill in Nigeria

The Living Faith Church founder who has not hidden his discomfort with the Buhari-led administration said with a tone of finality that the bill had reached its end insisting that it would not fly.

Speaking on “Understanding Faith as the master key to a world of no limit” He affirmed that with faith, there’s nothing like an impossible or irreversible case (John 11:40, John 5:25).

He then explained that only a redemption-rooted order of faith can bring performance. “Being in church does not make a child of God,” he said.

He then took a swipe on those preaching the “once saved, forever saved” gospel, shattering the belief system.

According to him, some pastors are not saved because for anyone who is genuinely born again, there’s always a passionate hatred for sin in him.

hate speech
Bishop David Oyedepo

“It doesn’t matter what position you occupy, you must be born again and stay born again. It is the ticket to heaven and the ticket to living a limitless life. It is never late to be right,” he submitted.

Bishop David Oyedepo thence, stated five proofs of new birth which includes:

  • Your heart goes after God (Rev. 2:4)
  • Love for righteousness (Ps. 45:7, Ps. 7: 11)
  • You experience supernatural joy: (1 Pt. 1:8)
  • Peace of God (Jhn. 14:27, Is. 9:6, Phil. 4:7)
  • Your spirit to understanding comes alive. (Mk 4:11, Prov. 21:16).


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