God’s gift in your life won’t work if you’re bitter-Paul Adefarasin

God's gift

By Kehinde Eniayejuni

Paul Adefarasin, Senior Pastor of House on the Rock Cathedral Christian Centre, has warned Christians on the danger of not using their gifts because they have been hurt and rejected.

He gave the warning in a recent video posted on the Twitter page of the Church.

Adefarasin said “sitting on your gift because of past hurt, disappointment and failures is saying you’re not ready to do God’s will”.

The preacher who has been preaching on using and developing God’s gift in his recent tweets and messages said using what God gives you is a sign of submission to his will

He used the example of the Bible Joseph as a point of reference noting that it was his gift that set him free and placed him at the top.

He said, “neglecting one’s gift because of what has happened to us in the past and deciding to stay angry about it is detrimental.

“Your gift will not work if you get bitter, and if you choose to sit on your gift because you’re upset with your daddy, upset with your brothers, upset with Potiphar for not defending you even though he knew you were innocent. It won’t work if you’re upset with the woman who got you into trouble and misinterpreted you,” he said.

He explained further that God has given us these gifts to edify the church and fulfil God’s purpose in our environment adding that we have a responsibility to use the gifts no matter the situation we find ourselves.

His words, “if you’re called and chosen by God you have to be instant in season and out of season. You have to know how to do the will of God when things are good but also when things are bad. You have to be able to preach and teach, lead and serve whether it’s nice or it’s not nice. And because God is on your side doesn’t mean you should sit on your gift.

“You will have to learn to serve whilst you’re suffering. You will have to learn how to help whilst you’re hurting. You will have to learn how to empower others whilst you’re in pain, encourage others whilst you’re discouraged” he said.

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