My journey through the valley of death- Doyin Okupe

Doyin Okupe Covid experience

 Doyin Okupe a medical doctor and aide to former Nigeria’s President Olusegun Obasanjo shares gripping story of his journey through the valley of death. Find  below


doyin okupe covid experience
Dr. Doyin Okupe


Though I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear No evil- Ps 24 vs 4.

I have gone through a lot in my life. I was diagnosed hypertensive at the age of 30. I had cancer of the prostrate at 56.

At 63 I had to have a non-invasive corrective surgery to treat Congenital Sinus Bradycardia. Now at 68yrs I was infected with covid19.

I bear on me virtually all the risk factors against survival against covid19 infection. I am 68yrs old. I am hypertensive, diagnosed diabetic in Oct 2019. I have sleep Apnoea. This is the story of my life.

But the Bible says “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but God delivers him from them all.”

For the reasons above I have chosen early to be close to God and build an army of Christian soldiers around me.

In February of this year I was restless in my spirit. I called for an appointment with Primate Ayo Oshitelu, who is d leader of the Church of the Lord Worldwide and lives in Ogere less than 10km from my residence in Iperu.

He saw me and I told him I wanted to pray for God’s Mercy.

We never met at that close level before then. He told me to come for 3days prayers on the Mercy land. I did. On the 3rd day the ministers who prayed with me asked me to come for 3days retreat on mount TABORRAH.

This was a special privilege because the place is opened to public only once a year. I went. I told God privately that I had come to seek His face, ask for mercy and seek refuge in a Secret place in His Holy Terbarnacle.

On the third day when we had the closing prayers, I was told all will be well but that when I got home Satan was still going to attack me but I will be delivered by God Almighty. I was slightly upset but decided to rest on God’s promise for deliverance.

When the trouble finally came, and I was told by Dr. Dele Ajayi, the Head of Covid19 Team in Ogun state, I was devastated. He was extremely nice to me and assured me they will do their best. He arranged to test my entire household and our movement to isolation Center commenced.

Thereafter I called the Primate and we prayed. He assured me the sickness was not unto death. I called my spiritual father and mentor Rev Joe Olaiya and my other ministers of God with whom I have been praying for more than 10yrs. I called a senior brother, Apostle Dave Salako, with whom we shared the word and prayed frequently during my sojourn at the isolation Center.

Unbelievably together with my brothers in the Lord we prayed for no less than 7 to 10hrs daily, Day and night. Satan can afflict us but cannot affect our prayers. Prayer is the most powerful weapon of a Christian in and out of crisis.

That’s why the Bible says” Men ought to pray ceaselessly “. My wife and I knew that we were in a war situation and since the best doctors in the world do not know for sure which treatment works if any works at all, it was better for us to face squarely the Almighty God who is the All knowing and all powerful God to Heal us and true to His promise he did.

All glory, honour and praise to his name and the power in the blood of the Holy lamb of God, Jesus Christ by whose STRIPES we were healed.

On Friday 8th of May we had the good news that my wife and I had tested negative. We then needed another negative to be discharged. We were glad. But on Sunday 10th Satan struck. Another result confirmed that my wife recorded her 2nd negative while I tested positive again.

Hope crashed and the heavens literally fell on me. The doctors insisted my wife must leave immediately to avoid reinfection which happened to a couple we met there. My wife broke down and wept uncontrollably.

The doctors stood their ground and I also pleaded that I would rather she left for her children’s and everyone else sake. She got up and told the doctors that if she is forcefully removed she will kill herself and her blood shall be on the necks of the doctors.

At this point the doctors were taken aback and they left. Came back 1hr later and gave us a set of drugs which will reduce viral load further and prevent reinfection. They also insisted we both must wear masks in house 24/7 and we agreed.

When they left my wife and I agreed that we should not be ignorant of the devices of Satan. I was due for another test in few hours. We called everybody and we all launched serious supplication that God must intervene.

We told corona virus that its name is insignificant when pitched with the name Jesus which had been exalted above all names. That it must now bow. Besides because the righteousness of Christ Jesus resides in us and Jesus was the light of the world and God already at creation separated light from darkness, corona being an arrow from the kingdom of darkness cannot coexist with the God of light inside of us

It must leave or must be ready to contend with the power of the blood of Jesus. I quickly brought out my Holy Communion wine knelt down, prayed and drank it and invoked the cleansing power of the blood. As we concluded, behold the doctor was at the door to take our samples for test. He did and left. We sent Angels of the Lord of Host after him and commanded that the test must come back negative.

In the night we did a vigil with Mathew 18 vs 18 19 & 20. We then both chose Tue 14 April as our departure date from the isolation Center. By 6pm on Monday 13th my wife completed packing all our belongings and we were ready to go. All the fruits in the fridge we put together and gave our neighbour.

We thanked God for our discharge and slept. I was woken up @ 7.30am with a phone call from Dr. Ajayi, the head of the team in Abeokuta that our results have tested negative and we were free to go.

My friends Our God is still in the business of hearing and answering Prayers. With faith in God and fervent prayers we can overcome all life challenges. Only we must believe and not doubt because He is faithful who has promised us and His word has never failed. Jesus is Lord. Hallelujah!!!

It is very sad that presently people of the world including world leaders fear Covid19 more than they fear God, the creator of heaven and earth. This is a global calamity and a sure path to pain sorrow and misery.

We Christians must take our stand. God Jehova is greater than all things, forms or forces. We must esteem him above everything on earth or in heaven. All powers belong to him. If we call him, confess our sins and humble ourselves nationally or globally , He will hear us and heal our lands in Jesus Name.

And to Him who is God eternal I give all glory, honour and worship. I exalt the name of the Lord Jesus Christ the author and finisher of our faith, who rule and reign forever and ever. Amen.


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