Late Anglican Bishop was written off by Sanballats and Tobiahs in the Church-Archbishop Fape


Awosoga did not behave like some politicians who bought votes to become Bishop- Fape

The Archbishop of Lagos Province of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, The Most Revd. Michael Fape has revealed that the late Bishop of Ijebu Diocese, Bishop Ayodele Awosoga was written off by some skeptics and influential people in the church whom he described as Sanballats and Tobiahs.

He made the revelation at the funeral ceremony of the late Bishop on May 22.

Bishop Awosoga died on February 9 in the US after a protracted illness.

Archbishop Fape however said when he was alive and active in the service of the Church of Nigeria, some top influential people in the church wrote him off and never thought he would ever become a bishop.

He said these people did all they could to stop his progress adding that when they did not succeed they resulted to blackmail and said he was a sickly man.

Fape noted that to “the shame of Awosoga’s traducers, he became the Bishop of Ijebu Diocese and was there for 15 years doing exploits and making great impact.”

While recalling that Awosoga was his senior colleague at the Immanuel College, he said he did not become a priest because he had nothing to do. “He was a Pharmacist by profession, but he abandoned his profession for the work of Christ. He was a committed worker in God’s vineyard who believed his redemption was for a purpose. He was more concerned about what he would be remembered for positively”

Quoting Abraham Lincoln, Fape said it is not the years in one’s life that matters but the life in one’s years on earth. He said, “Bishop Awosoga treated issues of life with courage knowing fully well that he would give account to his maker one day. Bishop Awosoga had a conviction and that informed his attitude to life.”

“Bishop knew the race he was running from the beginning. Like Paul he put aside his processional calling as a pharmacist and embraced the call. He was a man of great objectivity. His guiding principles was justice, fairness and equity. “

“He was enemy of many people because he dared to offer suggestions of what he thought would bring equity, justice and fairness to the church. When some Samballat and Tobias could not stop him they resulted to blackmail that he was a sickly man. Many had written him off as a personal non-Grata but to the glory of God the sickly man became the Bishop of Ijebu and his footprints are on the sand of time.

“He did not run helter-skelter to become bishop. He did not behave like some politicians who bought votes to become bishop. He was embodiment of truth sincerity and boldness. What he would say behind you he would say before you. It was not in his character to keep malice or grudge. When he believed in a cause he pursued it to conclusion. Awosoga was not a diplomat. He was full of absolute transparency.”

He said Awosoga cooperated with him as the Archbishop of Lagos pointing out that he “congratulated me. Some of the programmes we execute today in the province of Lagos today are his ideas. He knew what it meant to serve Christ. He placed great premium on young people. He desired the growth of the youth. He believed his primary assignment was to bring the young people to Christ. Like Paul he  fought the good fight. He has taken the crown of righteousness which the Lord the righteous judge has given him.”

Fape went on to admonish his listeners to embrace Jesus while still alive saying, “Who are you living for. What is your conviction in life? You can make amend today when you still have the opportunity. Don’t deceive yourself because of your position of influence and affluence. You will come face to face with that reality of the need for God one day.”


Story by Gbenga Osinaike

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