Arise from your slumber…a 2003 prophecy from the Lord by Pastor Gbenga Odubanjo

Jesus Christ

We have entered the last phase of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the phase of hope, the phase where the Lord is fighting the cause of the righteous; it is a phase where the Lord is beautifying the bride in readiness for the coming of her groom (Jesus Christ). The Lord spoke these words to me in 2003 and I hereby share it below to remind us of the need to arise from our slumber

I have waited for my people to change, rather than growing better, they keep growing worse. Your works have not brought me joy but sorrow, regret, and pains. I have shortened the days of the coming of My Son so that the elects will not be carried away with this wave of wickedness.

The wickedness of the people is on the increase daily, they call Me in the open but seek other gods in secret (Proverbs 16:4), they praise Me in the sanctuary but mock Me in the shrine of other gods. What manner of people are these! But I sit in heaven and I laugh.

Wash yourself now that the blood of Jesus Christ is available because a time will come that you will seek for His blood and will not find it, by that time, the Lord has come and gone. Wash your filthy garments with the blood now that it is available.

The wickedness of the people is on the increase. The level of immorality has increased compared to what I saw in Sodom and Gomorrah. The hatred in the people has increased compared to that which I saw in Cain who murdered his brother Abel. Today, fathers impregnate their daughters, mothers fight their sons, brothers kill sisters, sisters kill brothers all because of vanity (material possessions), friends betray friends, and many more evil I see on the earth.

Wash yourself now that the blood of Jesus Christ is available because a time will come that you will seek His blood and will not find it, by that time, the Lord has come and gone.

Announce the coming of My son, Jesus Christ to the world, the trumpet will soon sound, the angels are already making way for His coming. “For the Lord himself will come down from heaven with a mighty shout and with the soul-stirring cry of the archangel and the great trumpet-call of God. And the believers who are dead will be the first to rise to meet the Lord. Then we who are still alive and remain on the earth will be caught up with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and remain with Him forever. So comfort and encourage each other with this news.” 1 Thessalonians 4: 16-18 (TLB).

Tell the people to change from their wicked ways, My judgment will surely come. You have entered the last phase before the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let everyone work out his own salvation with fear and trembling. All things are ready for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Your groom is ready to come, wash your filthy garment with His blood before He comes. Tell the wicked to depart from his wickedness, tell the sinners to sin no more, now that the blood is still available for cleansing.

I will change many things in this last phase, even the cause of nature will change. Many things will be rewritten. I am sending more people to announce, ‘Jesus His coming soon so that the people can prepare to receive Him. Don’t be deceived, the time is shorter than you expect. Some of you will not see the grave before He comes.

I have come to fight the cause of the righteous, so let no man stay idle. It is the work I find in the hands of the righteous that I will bless, Psalms 1:1-3. The blood of Jesus is the weapon I have made available for the victory of My people.

Don’t be too busy not to seek Me, many have forgotten that I exist but on that day they will seek Me and not find Me, they will cry to Me but I will not answer them, for I will say to them I know you not.

Wash yourself now, that the blood of Jesus Christ is available because a time will come that you will seek His blood and will not find it, by that time, the Lord has come and gone.”


Friend, this is a message from heaven to us. I pray we will not be victims but victors in Jesus Mighty name.

Prayer Points:

  • Heavenly Father, have mercy on me and forgive me of all my wrongdoings.

  • Lord Jesus, deliver me from sins that have dominion over my life.

  • Jehovah, deliver my soul from going to hell.

  • My Lord, cleanse my life from every stain of iniquity.

  • By the blood of Jesus, I denounce every ungodly relationship in my life.

  • I purge my heart with the blood of Jesus Christ from every form of immorality.

  • Lord Jesus, forgive me for every act of disobedience.

  • Holy Ghost, help me to live my life as a true child of the living God.

  • From today, I break loose from every power of darkness by the power of the Holy Ghost.

  • Jehovah, become a terror to the enemies of my soul.

  • I block every loophole in my life with the blood of Jesus.

  • My God, bring me out from every ungodly association.

  • Holy Spirit, deliver me from the temptation that easily befalls me.

  • Every agent of darkness surrounding me, the fire of God consume you all.

  • My God, expose every enemy coming to me as a friend and destroy their evil deeds.

  • By the power of the Holy Ghost, an end has come to every spiritual blindness and deafness in my life.

  • By the blood of Jesus Christ, I am delivered from every form of sexual sin.

  • Holy Spirit, come and dwell with me and in me from today.

  • My God, empower me to overcome every trap of the enemy.

  • Lord Jesus, deliver me from those that say there is no hope for my soul.

  • By the grace of God, I will not compromise my Christian faith.

  • Holy Ghost, help me never to return to my vomit.

  • Lord Jesus, uphold me from falling into the pit of immorality.

  • Jehovah, deliver me from secret sins by the blood of Jesus Christ.

  • Lord Jesus, help me to live a life well-pleasing to You.

  • Holy Spirit, order my steps in the way of the Lord.

  • By the grace of God, I will tarry faithfully to the end of my Christian journey.

  • My God, help me to live a righteous life.

  • Holy Spirit, help me to live a fulfilled life in Christ Jesus.

  • Heavenly Father, help me to maintain a pure heart and clean hands in my Christian journey. In Jesus Mighty Name.


Pastor Odubanjo is the Senior Pastor of Mountain Top of Success Chapel and President of 11th Hour Ministry based in Egbeda Lagos



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